To be precise, fluoride varnish is a dental treatment which can drastically eliminate the instances related to tooth decay. It is important here to note that fluoride treatment procedures offer significant benefits to guard teeth. However, note that fluoride treatment procedure is not the right treatment procedure may not be right for anyone.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Here is the list of fluoride varnish treatment for your teeth at the Australian Dental health NSW. They are as follows:

  • Fluoride varnish treatment usually blends into the tooth structure. It also strengthens the enamel of the teeth.
  • One of the highlighting traits of using this form of treatment is that it reverses the development of cavities. It inhibits the growth of the bacteria which helps in the proper growth of teeth
  • With the help of this treatment procedure, your teeth can reabsorb the important minerals. This also helps in repairing weak tooth enamels

The application of fluoride varnish on your teeth

Our dentists would first examine your teeth for any possible reasons of tooth decay. Note that fluoride varnish is usually painted on the top and sides of the each tooth with the help of a small brush. This type of paint is usually sticky and non-toxic. However, it solidifies itself when it comes into the contact of human saliva. In other words, you cannot lick the varnish off.

Always remember that tooth strengthening with fluoride varnish is a painless procedure. In other words, during this procedure, you would not face any kind of pain. Brushing and polishing on the varnish usually takes a few minutes. This is also the reason that just one appointment is enough for a fluoride treatment.

This type of treatment procedures cannot completely prevent cavities. But they are a practical choice when it comes to delay tooth decay.