Dentition which aren’t any longer salvageable because of severe caries or periodontal pathology are safest for simple extractions. Oftentimes, when patients experience extreme sensitivity or suffer from the advanced periodontal diseases, tooth extraction can be the only safe solution. That’s where we come into being as one of the dedicated dental team. Our professional dentists safely remove your tooth without major surgeries.

When should you hire us?

Australian Dental health NSW is a dedicated team of dental assistants who avail you simple extraction process and prevents the health of your teeth. When you experience the below-offered tooth health problems, you can hire us:

  • When you suffer from advanced periodontal diseases resulting in loosening of your tooth roots
  • When baby teeth or extra teeth impeding the adult teeth
  • When you need an orthodontic treatment
  • When you have a malformed or fractured tooth that needs to be removed
  • When you suffer from tooth decay that cannot get remedy via root canal treatments

How our dignified team proceeds with a simple tooth extraction process?

We focus on giving the right precaution to our patients, right from the time we take you up for X-rays. We plan an effective method for tooth extractions. Our professionals give local anesthesia in order to prevent the pain that might bring more sufferance during the process of extraction. Our dentists make the right use of an elevator for lifting the damaged or decayed tooth. This helps them to loosen gum tissues and ligaments around teeth’s base.

Our team then makes the right use of one pair of forceps in order to rock your tooth back & forth. The process is performed gently in order to break the teeth free of gum tissues and ligaments around the base. If our team finds that the tooth is stubborn to break from the base, they would gently break it into pieces so that patients don’t suffer from extreme pain. When the tooth gets removed, we give you the right precautions.

We have come apparently a long way from being just a dental service provider to become a major name in offering school dental services.