Abnormal teeth and jaw alignment is common in a world where dental therapy offers most effective orthodontic treatments. Of course, the reasons for orthodontic treatments for braces vary from one patient to another. And if you find someone in need of such a treatment, you can always find us behind. What might be surprising to know is you don’t require any Orthodontic Referral plan. You can directly contact a professional. Meet us at Australian Dental health NSW, where you might find a convenient and reliable orthodontic treatment.

Why should you go for Orthodontic treatments?

Our team of orthodontics assistants concerns more about the functioning and appearance of your teeth. Braces are something used for moving the teeth into ideal position, thereby aligning them to bite together. It’s best known as occlusion. When you face any of the three types of Malocclusion, you can simply contact our team of experts.

Malocclusion is the misalignment of your teeth between lower and upper arches, where the first molars happen to be the reference point. Three types of Malocclusion are Class I, Class II, and Class III.

  • Class I – the ideal relationship between lower and upper teeth, resulting in spacing or crowding.
  • Class II – known as over bite, first molar (lower) is positioned posterior or leans back. Maxilla, on the other hand, protrudes forward.
  • Class III – first molar positions closer or anterior to mouth’s front. On the other hand, mandible appears to be protruded forward.

How can we be your help?

During the first assessment with us, you will get X-rays and photos of your teeth alongside the 3D scan. Our professional orthodontist will then diagnose irregularities and offer you a safe treatment method. It entirely depends on the type of appliance and which should be best suited for patients, and it varies from one patient to another. It might take two weeks or even six weeks, if you ask for the completion of the treatment.

So, if you find your child or you in need of an orthodontist for braces, you can contact us today. You’d be happy to know that we are one of the reliable school dental services to give you a safe orthodontic treatment.