Dental Examinations are an integral part of your total health care. In case if you are a new patient, your dentist may opt for a brief initial examination to identify the potential issues. Interestingly, for a professional cleaning, there are chances that our dentists would refer you to a dental hygienist. On the other hand, if you are suffering from excruciating pain, your dentist may deal with the issue that is causing you the pain. In every situation, the order and course of treatment is dependent heavily on the state of your dental health.


It is a dental examinations procedure where the alignment of your upper and lower teeth will be assessed thoroughly. It is a painless procedure and usually our dentists would opt for a general inspection. They would also analyze how your teeth meet when you are closing your mouth.

Analysis of your gum tissue

In this procedure, our dentists would look for the probable symptoms of gum disease. For instance, if you have puffy or red gum tissue which easily bleeds, our dentists would take preventive action. Your next course of treatment would obviously depend on the seriousness of your gum health. In case the gum issues are severe, you would help you contact our own periodontist. Note that a periodontist is a dental gum specialist.

Symptoms of tooth decay

When you opt for a comprehensive dental examinations with Australian dental health NSW, we would be on the lookout for probable signs of tooth decay. In this procedure, our dentist would probe your teeth with an instrument. This would help to identify whether or not there are cavities present in your oral cavity. Our dentists would also check for any issues related with fillings or braces.

Extensive examination of the soft tissue

Note that soft tissues present in your mouth comprises of the lips and cheeks. Our dentists would thoroughly examine these areas to look for any signs of spots and lesions. If spots and growth are present in the soft tissue, then it is highly probable that you are suffering from an oral health issue. Note that your throat and tonsils would also be checked for underlying problems.