A comprehensive Dental check up which involves a thorough examination of your teeth, gums and mouth will prevent minor problems from becoming major ones. This is the reason that we recommend you for six monthly checkups with our dentists. Note that we use modern technology in our regular dental checkups.

What we need to know? 

During the first consultation with Australian Dental Health NSW, we would ask general questions about your overall health. Our dentists would also ask you about the oral health problems you are suffering from. On the other hand, we also need to know about your medical background. Knowing about your medical background helps us to formulate effective and sound dental care strategies.

Interestingly, we would also discuss with you about your dental phobia. Well, it is quite common for all of us to have teeth related fear. After the first consultation, a full checkup will happen which would be followed by a thorough treatment plan.

Processes followed during a Dental check up

During each checkup, our dentists would ask you about any difficulties in the oral cavity. As you settle into your chair, a checkup, scaling and polishing happens. So, let’s have a glance at the procedures we usually follow during a dental checkup.

  • Thorough Checkup

In this procedure, you would closely see for any cavities and plaque present on your teeth. In the next procedure, we move on to check that whether your gums are healthy or not. Issues related to the gums can be dangerous and hence timely intervention is quite important. We also check your throat and tongue to determine their health.

  • Scaling and polishing

In case you have any anomalies in your teeth, our dentists would do the needful. Plaque or tartar build-up can seriously affect your oral health. Besides giving rise to bad breath, they can also be the main reason for cavities. Thus, our dentists would opt for scaling and polishing with advanced equipment.